Scheduled Start Times

US Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST, same as UTC-8)

​Wednesday November 18th - Sunday November 22nd

Wednesday 5:30 PM: SpeedGammon

Wednesday 5:30 PM: Seniors (55+)

Thursday   10:30 AM: Super Jackpot

Thursday   10:30 AM: Limited Jackpot

Friday        10:30 AM: Open Championship Main Event

Friday        10:30 AM: Intermediate Division Main Event

Sunday        5:00 PM: After Tourney

Start your registration below, you will receive an email confirmation. The email will have a link where you can edit your registration.  You can add/remove events and side pools up the registration deadline for each event.

​Feel free to contact Rory Pascar with any questions. Call/text 617-699-9100 or email Rory@ChicagoOpenBG.com

Please contact Rory Pascar with any questions...

Email: Rory@ChicagoOpenBG.com
Mobile/WhatsApp: 617-699-9100
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