U.S.  Open Backgammon Tournament

The Championship and Intermediate divisions have a Main
Flight, Consolation and Last Chance. Reentries will take place on Thursday until 5:00 PM. Re-entry matches must finish by 8:00 PM. (It may be necessary for re-entries to play through the dinner break.)
**The Championship Division is “Clocks Mandatory”. All
matches must use a clock. Clocks are available from the
tournament staff for a refundable $20 deposit.
** Side Pool Hierarchy – 1st, 2nd, 1st Consolation, 3rd/4th, 2nd Consolation**
Beginner division format will be based on number of entrants

Side Event Details

Super Jackpot - “Clocks Mandatory” 2/12
$1000 entry fee to begin in the round of 32 starting
Wednesday at 2:00 PM or 7:00 PM.

$2000 entry fee to begin in the round of 16
starting Thursday at 9:00 PM.


Limited Jackpot - “Clocks Preferred” 2/12
$500 entry fee to begin in the round of 32 starting
Wednesday at 2:00 PM or 7:00 PM. $1000 entry fee to
begin in the round of 16 starting Thursday at 9:00 PM.
Players of a top Championship level are not
eligible. The Tournament Director reserves the right to
disallow any entrant from playing below his/her level.


Doubles Tournament - “Clocks Mandatory” 3/15
All teams start play Wednesday night @9:00 PM. 2 rounds must be completed Wednesday night
$300 entry per team, 7-point matches, 85% return, 1st
place 2/3, 2nd place 1/3


Blitz *Customized FTH Board to the Winner*
$40 entry fee, 8-player knock-outs will be played
from Wednesday through 3:00 PM Saturday. Playoffs
start 8:00 PM Saturday. Knock-out winners receive
$120 and qualify for the playoffs. 5-point matches,
85% return, Players may win up to two knock-outs, both
eligible for byes.


$20 entry fee, 2-point matches with doubling cube,
85% return, 1st place 2/3, 2nd place 1/3, Re-entries
allowed and encouraged.

Seniors Tournament

Age 50+$60 entry fee, 7-point matches, 85% return,1st place 50%, 2nd place 25%, 3rd/4th 12.5%, re-entries allowed and encouraged.

The After Tournament
Tournament $50 entry fee, 5-point matches, 85% return,
1st place 2/3 and 2nd place 1/3.


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